Here you get the first completest Sex Pistols Discography with details about the publishing country, dates, pictures and order numbers. I trust you will find your favorite.....

Foreword - How you use this book...

In 1976/77 the time stand still for a short time as a music began to say: FUCK OFF! to all off the established music groups and anyway to the rest of the world - Here came the PUNK !!

In this course of history one band went to head the crowd of young disillusioned teenagers in order to hear them.
I would say that the SEX PISTOLS are absolutly unique till this day and nobody will make such an important acception into a small music genre in future. This rebellious feeling, together with his simple kind, is not more to clone !

For this reason a small group of collectors from all over the world understand this message till today and spend his last money to get all things of them over the years. Also therefore they holt the Sex Pistols to keep alive. I`m also one of this crazy peoples !! Many years ago I started to organzied my collection to find a better overview for myself, as many published things to be only different in some minor details.


Such a complete Discography doesn`t exist in a so comprehensive form and it continues to grow and is updated at regular intervals! All presently books contains rather patchwork and the important detailed photo`s and pictures are missing in comparison to my edition. Surely it can be also faulty describtion into my collection, but that is absolutly usually in such comprehensive form and can be only clear up if somebody have all ever published material in his own hand. Sorry, but that is nearly impossible and so much expensive!
As you can see on the following sides the discography incl. many Lp`s, Singles, EP`S, Maxi`s, CD`s, VHS and DVD`s of these group together with complete cover, label and annual describtion (classified after countries) additionally
with describtions about different song lyrics and production lines. As I have concentrated me exclusive to the "Sex Pistols" and only noted in the margin for "Sid Vicious solo-projects" you can imagine, specially to the approximate size of about 1200 DIN-A 4 pages, that this collection will give you a wide overview over the Sex Pistols sound carrier.
This Sex Pistols discography is published full aware without the usually filling special and grafic arts that anybody knows yet, especially it don`t interest any serious collector. Herein you will find only facts they I have found out in lonely single hours with the aid of my last money!

As I`m a big collector of these fantastic punk band for myselft, I know from my own experince that it`s very difficult to find out the right details from the present published material. So you can desolate that the mentioned statements
and musical facts are professional research into the following sides.

So HAVE FUN......!  

If you interested for the complete list as pdf format please contact me, but I can`t send them for free therefore I have spent to much time and money, but we will find solution.



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